Tenacity – A Rule of Engagement

Tenacity – A Rule of Engagement

As I watched Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic play for the title of the Australian Opens 2011. One thing that struck me about both men was the ability to keep their eyes on the ball (literarily) amongst all the pressure.  I watched how they played with such ferociousness, there was a goal and no-one was letting it out of their sight. Sadly there can only be one winner!

It made me think about myself and I questioned if I am pushing enough for the goals I want to accomplish in life. I asked myself am I tenacious enough to make things happen for me?

Whether we are self-employed, employed or doing whatever we do, if we want to succeed in life, one thing we need is TENACITY. 

Synonyms of TENACITY: Obstinacy, Resolve, Firmness, Persistence, Insistence, Doggedness, Drive or Stubbornness.

10 Reasons why you need Tenacity:

  1. Tenacity is what wakes you up in the morning and challenges you to accomplish more than you did yesterday.
  2. Tenacity is what keeps you going when things around you say “You Can’t, You Can’t”
  3. Tenacity is what gives you the confidence to sell your vision to others and make them believe you have something worthwhile to offer.
  4. Tenacity is what keeps you holding on to your dreams when circumstances and situations want you draw you back.
  5. Tenacity is what helps you look at things from another perspective when your previous idea did not work out.
  6. Tenacity is what allows you to imbibe constructive criticism and not see it as a tool to bring you down.
  7. Tenacity mixed with integrity makes you open to alliance, assistance and whatever will help you accomplish your goal.
  8. Tenacity makes you carry out adequate research, cross-check your facts and seek advice from those who are able and qualified to assist you.
  9. Tenacity is the force that propels your dreams, your ideas, your concept or your vision.
  10. Tenacity can lift you out of mediocrity and put you where you want to be in life.

I tend to look at things more from a business perspective and I know for every business idea there will be obstacles to overcome.  Once you can establish that your concept is a viable idea and not some wishful thinking, give it everything you’ve got to make it work. 

The people that excel in life never give up after the first hurdle; they just keep going, evaluating and evolving along the way.

Check out www.businessideabooster.com and www.businessfirststeps.co.uk for more information and tools to help you with your business idea.

I wish you great success. 



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